photographer, traveler, coffee drinker, dog mom, wife, nice person.

Based in the midwest. Ready for a journey anywhere and everywhere. 


photo by: LMG Photography | Lori Morgan

 About Me as a Human.

I am married to a cool dude named Mack. We love motorcycles, good eats, a perfect margarita and our two hound dogs named Finn and Fritz. Follow them on Instagram @FinnandFritz if you wanna see some of the love.

I was born on an airplane. Not literally, but that would be sweet. I grew up moving cities every 3-4 years and spent an unusual amount of time traveling. Airports/airplanes are where I feel most at home second only to the mountains. I love the movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. If there was one movie that I could live in real life, this would be it.

It speaks to my soul because traveling is one of the many life experiences that ultimately defined my values and I have realized how important it is to (and how much I love to) learn people's hearts in order to communicate their heart and their story via a photograph. 


2019 travel dates:

Portland, OR - May 9-12

Skykomish, WA - May 12-15

Nashville, TN - May 25-27

The Highlands, NC - April 25-27

Bozeman, Montana - August 29 - Sep 3


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