Travelogue: Northwest is Best

The first thing you should know about the Northwest is this: unlike most places, the touristy things are actually worth it. We often assume that the gorgeous, instagrammable touristy things will be crowded, expensive, crappier than bloggers and influencers let on. But not the Northwest, no sir. 

Let me let you in on how to Northwest.

Tip no 1: Find a baller Airbnb. For us that was @Tyehaus, a beautiful A-frame cabin in Skykomish, WA. Take note, this is my first A-frame cabin experience, but I'm 100% convinced that even if I had experienced another A-frame cabin, I think this one still would have been my favorite. The hosts were amazing and everything inside was perfectly equipped for the five of us travelers. There is a sweet little open loft with a couple beds and a master bedroom across the way and a pullout couch in the main room. 

It's also pet friendly, which is a huge bonus for momma Shannon and Ahna, her German Shorthaired Pointer. 

There is also a fire pit. There is nothing better in the summer time than drinking rum cocktails and roasting marshmallows over the fire. 

The best part for Mack (pictured above) was the river just a five minute walk down the dirt road. Along the river, you can find fresh raspberries, plenty of wild life and gorgeous views. So gorgeous that I didn't remember to photograph them, so you'll just have to visit yourself.

We stayed for a couple days, so of course we wanted to explore the gorgeous nature that surrounds the cabin. On the second day we hiked to Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls. It's 8.2 miles, round trip so needless to say I was a little sore after (Ahna the dog kicked my ass on that hike). But the views were so worth it. 

Onwards to the longest beach in the U.S., not surprisingly named Long Beach, WA. 

Pit stop: Snoqualmie Falls of course. More magnificent than this picture can justify.

Pit stop: Snoqualmie Falls of course. More magnificent than this picture can justify.

After that beautiful view, we made our way West to the coast of WA. We stayed at a wonderful Airbnb just a short walk from the beach in Ocean Park, WA called 46th Parallel . It was a decent drive away from Long Beach, but we were close to the water nonetheless. The hosts were wonderful and it was the perfect, quirky little beach house. I love staying so close to the beach!

My favorite part of the location was that we were so close to this beautiful beach and there was literally NO ONE else there. It was just us. Picture perfect. 10/10 would recommend. 

Next on our list, dinner! We didn't want to eat out in the more touristy part of Long Beach, so we drove down there to find local seafood we could bring home to cook. Success. As you saw above, oysters. We also made some delicious seafood aflredo with shrimp, scallops & mushrooms. 

Finally, after a couple lovely days relaxing on the beach and eating delicious seafood, we had to drive home to Spokane. But, as I said at the very beginning of the post: Northwest tourist destinations are ABSOLUTELY worth it. We made my favorite stop of the trip (basically because I begged) at Cannon Beach, OR. It was INCREDIBLE. It was a photographer's dream come true and as you can see by the photos, there was hardly anyone there besides us. What in the world? Featuring my favorite linen top by @emleedesign. I literally wore it the whole trip and it was so light and airy. It also looks amazing wrinkled up or ironed (if you're going somewhere nice). I will never not wear this top.

That's all folks. All I can say is that I learned a lot on this trip. The first thing: decide you're making a travelogue sooner than the end of the trip. You'll get way better pictures. 

But you live and you learn. When you're trying to work on your blogging skills, it's all a learning curve and I'm okay with that. Until the next trip, gang! 



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