photographer, traveler, outdoorswoman, dog mom, wife, nice person.

Based in the midwest. Ready for a journey anywhere and everywhere. 


photo by: LMG Photography | Lori Morgan

 About Me as a Human.

 I don’t know if most people read this, but if you want context for the things I care about and enjoy, read on!

I feel most at home on an airplane or on the top of a mountain. I grew up moving cities every 3-4 years and spent an unusual amount of time looking out of car windows, on planes, and watching the world pass in front of my eyes. Sounds dramatic, I know, but I loved it and it created this sort of addiction to constant scenery change. So I deal with that addiction, naturally, by feeding it. I have a normal 9a-5p job, but I‘ve been doing this thing on the side for about 6 years, so that things don’t feel routine too often. And it results in new friendships with incredible people I never would have met! I also tell my husband that I can’t possibly survive if I don’t get to take trips throughout the year, so he lets me.

Traveling is one of the many life experiences that has ultimately defined my values and helped me to realize how important it is to visit places outside of your bubble, become uncomfortable for a time, learn how to see things in new ways. You learn how to be a human and be around other humans. And that’s what I love.

More surface-y things to know about me. I love to drink wine. I have two sweet sweet hound dogs. I like to rock climb, ski, camp, hike, kayak
scuba dive and run and have dreams of moving out West where I can do all of that for most of the year.

I love the movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. If there was one movie that I could live in real life, this would be it.

That’s all fo’ now:)

Talk soon? I hope so!


2019 travel dates:

Portland, OR - May 9-12

Skykomish, WA - May 12-15

Nashville, TN - May 25-27

The Highlands, NC - April 12-14

Dublin, Ireland - April 16-21

New Orleans, LA - October 21-26

2020 travel dates:

Dubrovnik, Croatia - April 21-28


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